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History of the St. Paul Central Scholarship Fund


When the St. Paul Central Class of 1963 met for its thirtieth reunion, the event planners realized that that they had a small surplus. The Class of 1963 chose to distribute that money to deserving Central graduates, and in 1994 they interviewed several applicants and awarded two scholarships. Members of the class of 1963 enjoyed this process and were blown away by the number of deserving Central graduates. Several members of the Class of 1963 decided to start raising money to give scholarships the next year, and the year after that...

Beyond the Class of 1963

As the Class of 1963 approached its fiftieth reunion, the organizers began to look for younger Central Alumni interested in helping to administer the Class of 1963. They found several alumni including one of the first recipients of the Class of 1963 Scholarship. With new alumni in the mix, the St. Paul Scholarship Fund expanded its donor base and began awarding scholarships with money raised from other class years. Several members of the Class of 1963 remain active in reviewing applications, providing generous financial donations, interviewing finalists, and serving as mentors to recipients. The Scholarship Fund continues to pursue the same mission it had at its founding: to assist deserving Central graduates as they pursue education of any type after high school.

217 Recipients... And Counting!

Since 1994 the St. Paul Central Scholarship Fund has awarded 217 scholarships totaling $1,076,000! This includes scholarships funded by individual classes as well as money raised from Central alumni and supporters of all ages. Nine graduates from the Class of 2021 received scholarships of $7,500 each. Despite the incredible generosity of the Fund's supporters, there are always many more deserving applicants than there are scholarships. Every dollar donated to the Fund is awarded to a deserving student and every additional dollar will go toward helping future scholarship recipients succeed as they continue their education.

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